Friday, March 26, 2010

NEW MIX!!! K2:::Get Deeper:::vol 2

It took a little longer than expected, but when you're planning a wedding that can happen. Here it is for youor listening pleasure, the second installment of my "Deep n Tech House" mix series "Get Deeper". Tracklist is below. Download and enjoy!

K2:::Get Deeper:::vol 2

::Astor (Shur-I-Kan Remix) - Robert Babicz [8Bit]
::&U (Kruse & NuernbergRemix) – Fraser Owen & Noir [Noir Music]
::After Rain Comes Sun (Joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab Mix) – Solumun [Diynamic]
::Deliver Me (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) – Motorcitysoul [Simple Records]
::Lost In Memory (Aki Bergen Remix) – Doomwork [Neurotraxx]
::Don’t Need The Sun To Shine – Marcin Czubala [8Bit]
::Keep On Getting Down – Nima Gorji [Cecille]
::Take V – Alex Caytas & Aleks Patz [Starlight]
::We Can Say Yeah – Monoroom [Brise Records]
::The Meadows – Claire Ripley [Neurotraxx Deluxe]
::Party Faktor (Justin Drake Mix) – Federico Molinari [Tsuba]
::Luis Conte – Nyra & Darius Syrossian [Viva Music]
::Grand Central, Part 1(MCDE Bassline Dub) – DJ Sprinkles [Mule Musiq]
::Handsome Machine – The Timewriter [Plastic City]

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strictly Lampin'... vol 7 (Available for download)

Strictly Lampin is a mix series I started in 2003 to show case my wide range of musical tastes that would never make it on to any of my underground electronic mixes (which was pretty much all I was putting out for many years). I wanted to produce a mix CD I could give to friends and familly around the holidays as my contribution to the season. Everything from jazz to funk, indie, classic rock, reggae, blues, downtempo, world music and eveything inbetween was fair game.

7 years later and people still look forward to the new mix each and every December (or so I'm told). So, here it is... Strictly Lampin vol 7, presented this year in a one take DJ mix format. Download and Enjoy!

Track List

Oscar Peterson Trio – “C Jam Blues” The opening track to one of my all time favorite jazz albums “Night Train”. If you don’t own any Oscar Peterson albums and you don’t know where to start, this is the place.
The Great Lake Swimmers – “Your Rocky Spine” I was introduced to this local Toronto group last year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks to Todd for continually expanding my laid back, folky musical side.
The Band – “Up On Cripple Creek” This has always been one of my favorite cuts from The Band. Fun Fact: This song is notable for being one of the first instances of a “Hohner Clavinet” (electronic keyboard) being played with a wah-wah pedal (a sound that became hugely popular during the funk movement of the 70’s)
Neko Case – “This Tornado Loves You” I’ve never really paid much attention to Case’s solo work until her most recent album “Middle Cyclone”. I have since repeatedly kicked myself for waiting so long.
Petra Haden – “God Only Knows” I was introduced to this amazing vocal version of the classic Beach Boys hit earlier this year by Brian Dunn. It quickly became one of my favorite tracks of the year.
Al Green – “Love & Happiness” “Something that can make you do wrong, make you do right.” Nuff said.
Alice Russell – “Got the Hunger?” On one hand it’s criminal that Alice Russell is not more popular than she is. On the other hand if she was I wouldn’t have seen her live at The Supermarket with 100 people this past summer for $15.
Allen Toussaint – “Blue Drag” A New Orleans piano legend, I only became familiar with Toussaint’s work this year as a result of his latest album “The Bright Mississippi”. Thanks to Brian for another amazing find. Album of 2009!
Guts – “Good Morning” A little ditty I got from fine music purveyor and all round great person Violet. I don’t know much about the artist or where the song comes from, but I know I like Violet’s taste in music.
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro – “The Dreaming Mind (Part 2)” As prolific as he is talented, Quantic delves further into the Americas (in this case Columbia) for his ever evolving sound. The name “Combo Barbaro” literally translates as “group of barbarians” or “people from outside Europe”. Whatever it means, it’s good.
Dubmatix – “Easy Down” (feat Michael Rose) Canadian reggae producer Dubmatix has collaborated with many top artists from the genre. For me though it’s all about this track from his latest album “Renegade Rocker” featuring the legendary Michael Rose. Hype!
Easy Star All Stars – “With a Little Help From My Friends” (feat Luciano) Having already covered tributes to both Pink Floyd and Radiohead, it made sense for ESAS to finally cover the Beatles. This version from “Sgt Peppers” really captures the essence of the original, with a dash of “rockers” style.
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers – “Islands In The Stream” I recently heard a cover of this song performed by Feist and The Constantines. It’s depressing. Thanks to Brie and Ryan for helping me re-discover the original version of this classic.
Wilco – “You Never Know” One of my top 10 albums for 2009, and easily one of the best live shows of the year (I was fortunate enough to see Wilco 3 times this calendar year touring in support of their latest album). Wilco loves you baby!
Buena Vista Social Club – “Chan Chan” (Live) Last year the entire Carnegie Hall concert from the original documentary (Buena Vista Social Club) was released on CD. This performance still gives me chills whenever I listen to it. If you have never seen the documentary you owe I to yourself to enjoy the story of these great Cuban Jazz masters.
Phish – “Water In The Sky” (Live) This summer I went on my first Phish tour in the US. This cut is from August 14th in Hartford. It kind of changed my life (musically speaking). It’s refreshing to know that after all these years I can still be blown away by a live music performance. Shout outs to the Frayler’s in Meriden, CT!
Franki Valli – “Beggin’” (Pilooski Edit) This tune gets toes tapping, heads nodding, and dance floors moving. Thanks to Niall for the early tip on this funky rework of the Franki Valli classic.
D-Kay – “Serenade Re-interpreted” Originally released as a drum n bass single, “Serenade” was completely reworked for the album “Individual Soul”. The jazzed up version I’ve featured here is brilliant!
Lisa Shaw – “Let It Ride” (Jimpster Remix) Legendary house vocalist Lisa Shaw and amazingly diverse remixer Jimpster team up for one of my favorite finds of the year. You can fight the urge to groove to this tune, but you will ultimately lose.
Soulstice – “The Reason” (DJ Spinna Remix) DJ Spinna strips the original version down and lays the beat right back on its heels. This remix was released back in 2001 but I only discovered it last winter. It’s still in heavy rotation, for obvious reasons.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wilco Loves the "Loft Life"

One thing I've maintained for many years is that a venue really is one of the most important aspects of any musical performance be it a live show, party, recital, theatre etc. I'm glad to see one of my favorite bands also feels the same way about their studio space. Here is a link to an article done by magazine "Loft Life" on Wilco's studio space in Chicago. They've recorded every album since the genre bending "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" in the space and have collected a museum's worth of gear along the way.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Legend Passes: Al Martino

That's it. The last of the great showbiz legends has passed. Today it was announced that Al Martino, long time Philly born crooner who popularized such hits as "Spanish Eyes" and "Volare" has passed away. As popular as either of those songs was it was Martino's turn as Johnny Fontane in the Godfather trilogy that cemented his place in the pop lexicon.

You might ask yourself, what significance this has for me personally. On the eve of the Millennium celebration (that being late December 1999) I had the honor of playing in a big band in support of Mr. Martino. On a cruise ship that sailed the Caribbean for Christmas and the infamous Y2K New Year, I shared a few dinners, and some unforgettable experiences with the legend and his wife. One of these experiences, the kind that money simply can't buy, was an evening screening on board the ship of The Godfather Part 1. Anyone who knows me will attest to my absolute love for this movie. A picture that stands alone in its triumphant ability to humanize the perils of mob life, and tell a moving tale of a complex family.

Taking my place beside the Martino's in the theatre, the extended opening scene of Connie's wedding begins to play. Suddenly Johnny Fontane appears on screen to the delight of the female guests in attendance, making his way to the stage. A serenade for the lovely bride, followed by a request to his Godfather to help make a movie role he's having problems landing come to fruition. We hear the famous "Make him an offer he can't refuse", and a horse's head.

All the while, playing each scene out in my head for memory, The Matino's regale me with fun facts and interesting trivia about the movie.
"That house there belonged to one of the producers of the movie"... "That's a real horse's head in that bed. It wasn't actually illegal to do that kind of thing back in those days, but it is now".


More intriguing though are the stories I hear from Martino's band leader as the week progresses. The idea that Martino was asked not to take the role by Sinatra's people (upset at the movies’ portrayal of the Johnny Fontane character as a patsy entertainer owned by the mob, believed to have been fashioned after Sinatra himself). Or the repercussions of taking the role, which included Martino's near 20 year absence from playing in Vegas. What's that about his file with the FBI? (A little less than forthcoming with these details). Whether these, or the countless other stories I'm told are true is irrelevant. To be furnished with such tales in the presence of a legendary entertainer is at least worthy of a posthumous retelling, an homage to my fond remembrance of the short time I got to share with him.

Playing in a band, supporting Mr Martino on stage however was something else entirely (a performance experience that still rings as one of my proudest moments to this day). The man's voice was still in fine shape, capable of capturing the audience and bringing them back to their youth (many of them happy to have enjoyed Martino while he was in his prime).

So, a simple tribute to the man. The last of the great entertainers.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NEW MIX!!! K2:::Get Deeper:::vol 1

I haven't released a proper house mix for public consumption in years. So it goes without saying I'm quite happy to have finally gotten around to putting this one together. "Get Deeper" is a collection of deep and tech house tunes I've been diggin' for the last few months. Download and enjoy!

K2:::Get Deeper:::vol 1
::Makayuni – Alex Niggemann [8Bit]
::Supique – Gorge [Freerange]
::Plow Hand – Soul Minority [Kolour]
::Beatdown – Chuck Love (Jimpster Remix) [OM]
::Lassur – Hans Thalau (Milton Jackson Remix) [Caballero]
::Jungle – Sebastien Leger [Mistakes Music]
::Vabanque – Manuel Tur (Stimming Remix) [Freerange]
::Touch of Soul – Dominic Martin (Milton Jackson Remix) [Le Bien et Le Mal]
::Yebo Yebo – Neuroxyde (Aki Bergen & Doomwork Dub Mix) [Starlight]
::10% - Steve Mac & Nic Fanciulli [Ovum]
::Momma’s Groove – Osunlade (Jimpster’s Slipped Disc Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
::Stop Space Return – Crazy P (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [2020 Vision]
::Aundy – Claude VonStroke [dirtybird]

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Early Bird Gets... Duffy?

Yes, it's true. It has been a while since my last post, thought or idea made it's way to the pages of StrictlyLampin'. I've been pretty busy. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that's the self professed story of my entire life (which is true). I can't help being important, I've got a lot fo things to get done and only so much time to do them in. For this very reason it has become important to plan my time wisely, to pay attention to things that I have no control over and attempt to schedule them into my life. One such event that is seemingly impossible to schedule correctly is the mid week concert.

This past Tuesday I had tickets to see the newest soul sensation from across the pond "Duffy", who would be performing one of a very limited number of shows in North America. Let me qualify that, myself, my girlfriend, and a few others had tickets for the show, one we were anticipating for weeks. The tickets arrived in the mail and read 7:00pm ddoors open. That is one thing that has always bothered me about ticketed concerts. Why do I care when the doors open? It's such a random yet effective way of ensuring I have no idea what time the show starts, when I need to be there, or even how much money to bring along when I'm stuck holding the bar up for 3 hours waiting for the headliner (or anyone in some cases) to light up the stage and make something happen. How many shows have you been to where the mere sighting of a roadie can set off the drunken masses into a hysterical rush of hoots and holla's. No doubt they, like myself have fallen victim to the idea that a time posted on a ticket is really a marathon starters gun shot, announcing to the world that you may begin spending at the bar. Is it too much to want a utopian society where concert times are posted for paying customers to ensure they can arrive when they feel ready? Even movie theatres stick pretty true to the formula of starting 15 minutes of comercials and previews at the exact time the show is posted to start. Whay can't we get it right in the music industry (bar profits aside, which I suspect is the only logical reason for such ambiguity surrounding start times). Moving on...

Mid week concerts are tough to take in. Actually make that early in the week concerts are tough. When you work full time (not from home Ryan) in an early to start office environment you can rarely afford to take a significant hit in sleep so early in the week. Drinking compounds this problem. For this reason I had decided to use my experience with club shows over the past 10 years or so to my advantage as an older, wiser, office wolf in mid week concert going sheeps clothing (so to speak). If the doors opened at 7:00pm, I'll show up at 10pm, catch the set I've paid to see, and head home. I'm so clever. No, make that strategically equipped. Despite the concerned stares from my girlfriend, who on several occassions had this worried look on her face regarding my strategy, I was instilled with confidence. I know how these things work honey. Relax, and enjoy a drink in the less crowded confines of our dining room, taking in the warm up sounds of Rockferry (Duffy's first album).

As we exit our cab in front of the Mod Club at approximately 10:15pm it is immediately apparent that people are laving the club, and not in any sort of a "we're all heading out for a smoke" fashion. No, I had become a victim of my own creation. My clever idea had turned on me, and the music industry decided at the worst possible moment to take an interest in something I have always wished for - earlier mid week start times at club shows. I for one feel there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this situation. If and when I figure out what it is, I will let you know.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh My LOLLA!!!

When I was in high school, everyone looked forward to summer holidays (something that I'm sure hasn't changed). For some it was the opportunity to travel abroad, head to the cottage, louonge by the pool, get a summer job and the list goes on. For myself though (who had a job all year round, and didn't have a pool) it always meant the start of the summer live concert season! Leading the charge as one of the more anticipated line up announcements would be that of Perry Farrell's travelling alternative road show "Lollapalooza".

For two summers I went to Molson Park in Barrie to take in a diverse range of acts such as The Breeders, Cypress Hill, George Clinton & the P Funk All Stars, The Beastie Boys, Moby, Elastica, Hole, Sonic Youth, A Tribe Called Quest, Pavement, and the list goes on. It wasn't until the festival took a turn for the commercial worst, booting Farrell from any creative contribution (or so I was lead to believe at the time... I haven't fact checked that one) that the touring side show took a turn for the worst (although to be honest, I'm sure it would have been proper to see Orbital rince out at the 1994 edition of the festival... even if it was at Kingswood).

Fast forward to present day and Lolla has gone from cultural turning point, to the depths of insignificance, back to prominence in it's current one stop 3 day incarnation. Perry is back at the helm and the logistics of staging a touring troup of musicians has been abaondoned in favor of the festival format so popular in Europe.

Today the 2007 line up was announced featuring headliners Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, Ben Harper, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Interpol, the Roots, My Morning Jacket, Muse, and approximately 100 other bands or musical acts set to descend on Grant Park that will grace numerous stages over 3 days in Chicago... smells like a summer road trip to me!

Check the link for the full line up... and if your looking for me August long weekend, you know where to find me!